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We believe insurance businesses should be run for profit with purpose. We employ the same philosophy. We recognize the impact of our actions on the environment and are committed to minimising our carbon footprint while promoting sustainable practices to the industry.

Reducing our footprint

We host all our events virtually, eliminating emissions from travel and venue-related consumption and energy use. However, virtual events generate carbon emissions too. According to Carbon Trust, an individual generates 55gCO2e for every one hour of streaming. We use this baseline to calculate the total emissions generated by attending our virtual events and participation in our e-learning programme and offset the total sum with tree planting. We also plant a tree for every 100 copies of any publication we physically print and use recycled and/or eco-friendly materials wherever possible.

Diversity and advocating for positive change

Sustainability is about more than just environmental responsibility. It’s also about giving a voice to diverse perspectives and building resilience among vulnerable communities. We are therefore committed to bringing a diverse range of perspectives into our content and incorporating social and economic UN Sustainable Development Goals into our content. 

We have committed to an internal target of 50% female representation in our team (including freelancers) and minimums of 40% female representation and 25% non-white ethnicity among our expert interviewees and event speakers. 

Overall, our approach to sustainability reflects our commitment to do our part to create a more sustainable future for all. By accelerating the industry’s adoption of sustainability, we aim to support its role in building a fairer and more resilient world.